7 Ways to Cultivate the Ultimate Personal Freedom


1. Disvover your purpose. By discovering your purpose you decrease a great amount of anxiety associated with the uncertainty of your future.
2. Learn not to worry about whether or not someone likes you. When you go out of your way to please others, you move further away from who you are and your self-esteem starts to decline.
3.learn to trust your intuition. Your inner self is always giving you clues and directions on your path. It frees you from having to strong arm an idea. The ideas will come.
4.Cultivate courage. The things that matter most to you, you’ll end up having to go in alone. Don’t wait for someone to go with you. You’ll just be wasting your time.
5. Have faith. If you’ve done all you can do, give the rest to a greater power. If it’s meant to be, it will surely happen.
6. Be more of who you are. If your a creative spirit, then create. If your a loving soul in a hostile environment, change your environment. Regrets add unnecessary stress.
7. Do what you love. Doing what you love prevents you from having to compartmentalize yourself. And gives you more time to be who you are.

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