Be One Self!

When your attuned with the spirit your intention works for you. Everything that you believe that resonates within you presents itself. As if you speak it and it happens. It moves slow with a sense of curiosity, but with little effort and much ease. Our mind knows not what the heart knows. The intention of the heart rises to the minds eye and like fresh water, quenches our thirst. Into a knowing of not knowing we fall and the intention is manifested right in front of you. Aww,
the seeds of the dream were planted long time ago. All that you love is held in your heart. When the feeling is created into a visual it resonates in our body letting us know, yes that’s it. That’s the truth.

This also happens with information you receive as a child. Some information may work to your advantage, And some information will keep you in a cycle of disappointment. If you find yourself in a  series of self compromising situations, please find a good therapist to explore your life’s meaning and align yourself with the goodness of life.

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