What is self-worth? How do you estimate your value and what does that look like?

Self-Worth is your birthright. Everyone is a uniquely unfolding individual equipped with abilities and talents; combined with  environment, genetics and the meaning you derive from your experiences.  No two individuals are the same. Each person is a rare find.
Building self-worth begins in early childhood. What were the messages you received from your parents, their relations with others, your relations with teachers, a mentor or society? Were you encouraged to express yourself or did you hear people say, “a child is to be seen and not heard?” Did society affirm your cultural or gender differences or did society say your differences were inferior?
As we grow through the stages of development we assign meaning to the messages we received and internalize them as our own
Many messages we received, motivated us to go forward in the direction of our dreams. Other messages did not value our true identity and we learned to live  beneath our potential. Not knowing our worth, we devalued our talents and ignored our feelings. We  disrespected our bodies, and underestimated our abilities.
Discover yourself worthy. Ask self exploratory questions:
What do I do well? What positive genetic traits did I get from my family? What positive compliments do I frequently hear from others? And believe it, your worth it! Good Luck in your journey , “Know Thyself.”


There was a time when people looked at therapy as chic. Conversations began with, “my therapist said,” and people in the group would compare their personal growth. At that particular time therapy was only accessible to those who could afford it. Times have changed. People from all walks of life are now utilizing therapies and many more people are becoming self-actualized. Self-actualization has become somewhat of a movement. People are risking everything for happiness and I am pretty excited about this movement. As a psychotherapist and Owner of Pathway to Purpose, my mission is to help as many people as possible discover the essence of who they are by exploring their own pathway and understanding its meaning.